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Having been involved with BSA Gold Stars for over 40 years, Phil has been involved with all aspects including racing which has evolved to be a large part of the business. Supplying many of the engines & parts for this demanding sport such as I.O.M TT races which is one of the most demanding of any engines old or new.

Having been lucky enough to become friends with the late Rowland Pike, who supplied me with some prototype drawings and designs, this in turn inspired Phil to manufacture a short stroke 350cc Gold Star Engine, which Roland was previously involved with in circa 1954 at the BSA factory, supplying notes from that period. The Engine was made using an oval crank assembly, running on a four needle roller bearing this engine was supplied to Bob Pearson who then in turn built up a BSA Gold Star for Dennis Gallagher to ride in the I.O.M grand prix's. Dennis had a race average speed of 91.38mph thus achieving the highest average for 350 Gold Star. The engine statistics are 82 x 66mm Phil Pearson short stroke that revved to 9000 rpm, Dennis reported that it would pull 8000 rpm up the mountain in top gear.

Gerry Meadows CB gold Star achieved the record of the fastest Gold Star at Bonneville Salt Flats with a Pearson 88mm Oval crank and bottom end assembly, with many success stories in all sports around the world proves the quality and workmanship that goes into all the products and components that leave the Pearson workshop.

Out this year for the first time local rider Clive Ling will be riding the Pearson Seeley Gold Star this is a short stroke 90 x 78 oval flywheel motor with a broad power band. More details can be seen for race updates and fixtures see the News Page.

Phil has all the patterns for the Gold Star engines standard and short strokes, with many combinations of bore and stroke can be made with a choice of con-rod lengths comprising of Carrillo con-rods and Wiseco pistons which Phil has a vast range of sizes.

Also available is a centre port head mainly designed for racing and flitting in frames other than the standard BSA Gold Star frame, many  tops class tuners & competitors use Pearson products and we wish to thank them for there custom and wish them the best for the coming season. Our aim is to provide the best solution without compromising reliability and performance.

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